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Who is Food and Cornwall?

In this section you will find information on who Food and Cornwall are, what our plans are, what we are currently doing, and what we hope to achieve. 


How We Started  

Conversations around food in Cornwall began well before the Food and Cornwall programme started. These conversations recognised that good things were already happening across Cornwall’s economic, environmental, political, social, community and voluntary sectors but also acknowledged that there were challenges within the Cornish food system.

In autumn 2013 senior leaders from across Cornwall met to discuss a food focused action across the system; Cornwall is proud of its success around food but it has many challenges too.

Three key priorities were decided upon;

  • A senior leader’s conversation
  • EU bid for food and skills
  • Food poverty ‘No-one in Cornwall goes hungry’

In late 2013 a development group was established to focus on food poverty. The group identified key areas of interest by mapping the current food system and considered their own individual and collective roles in food poverty in Cornwall and how to mobilise others to create change.

The reason behind Food and Cornwall is simple: Food Poverty is a very real problem in Cornwall and we want to do something about it!


What We're Doing

The Food and Cornwall programmes aim is to ‘Create food wealth so that no-one in Cornwall goes hungry’

There are many factors that need to be looked at for this goal to be achieved, the following is just some of the work Food and Cornwall has achieved or begun to work on:

  • Working with local communities
  • Building up skills around cooking, growing and food production
  • Supporting local food banks and community kitchens
  • Promoting good food in schools
  • Leading work to improve catering standards
  • Supporting sustainable food production
  • Helping to deliver systems for surplus food distribution and food waste reduction
  • Working with ‘Feeding Britain’: A strategy for zero hunger in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Find out more about the various development strands involved in Food and Cornwalls work here

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