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STAK St.Austell

STAK St. Austell is a Cornwall based charity that supports the homeless, vulnerable and needy members of the Cornish community.

Life is not always straightforward and sometimes people can find themselves in difficult situations, STAK St.Austell realise this and so they aim to support those who are experiencing the effects of poverty and provide them with help, support and assistance, which in turn allows them to take the next step in their life.

STAK are based in the heart of ST.Austell on 8 High Cross Street, and offer a variety of different services.

Their community kitchen is open six days per week offering affordable meals at both lunchtime and teatime, and most importantly the kitchen is a safe place for people where they can access support, guidance and advice on a variety of subjects. Since 2010 the community kitchen has supplied over 16,000 hot meals and over 58,000 hot drinks to those that are experiencing the effects of poverty.

STAK ST.Austell believe that prevention is much better than a cure and that is why it is so important to help before they become homeless as well as after. Their debt advice service allows them to support people in managing their finances and to take full control of their lives before it becomes too late to remedy. They also allow free computer access and training.

Their team of friendly volunteers give numerous hours to make the work of STAK ST.Austell possible, and all volunteers are given the right tools and training to undertake their role.

For more information on STAK St.Austell you can visit their website here