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Junk Free Checkouts

Angry at how unhealthy snacks and treats are placed to tempt you and your children at the supermarket checkout?

The Junk Free Checkouts campaign challenges supermarkets and other retailers to act on long-running customer concern and permanently remove unhealthy snacks from all of their checkouts and queuing areas. 

The campaign gives shoppers a number of easy ways, both in store and online, of pressing the case for change at the till. 

The Junk Free Checkouts campaign is a joint initiative between DOM UK (obesity management specialist group of the BDA) with the Children's Food Campaign and to date they have had several significant successes with Lidl, Tesco and Aldi all now 'Junk Free' at the checkouts. Sainsbury’s remain junk free in their large stores but are yet to roll this out to smaller stores and petrol stations.

Find out more info by visiting the DOM UK page or go straight to the Junk Free Checkouts campaign website - here you'll find out about the wall of fame and the wall of shame, the feedback pass and fail cards and template letters.

So how can you get involved with this social responsibility campaign?

Do one or more of the following: 
1. Check your local Lidl / Aldi / Tesco to ensure that they are complying with their healthy till policies - upload photos to the 'wall of fame' and give out 'pass' cards for the attention of the manager. You can download the pass and fail cards to print at home. 
2. Give feedback to stores that are not on board e.g. Asda, Morrison’s, M&S, WH Smiths by uploading photos and stories to update the 'wall of shame' and/or give out the 'fail' cards (a tip is to explain that this is not feedback about their service but something that you’d like them to pass onto their managers and regional managers - the responses from staff are usually very encouraging).
3. Tweet about the campaign using #junkfreecheckouts
4. Write to your local store manager using the template provided (on the campaign website)

Over 10,000 ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ cards have been distributed and handed in at checkouts nationwide.  Thousands of emails have also been sent to supermarket head offices and dozens of images have been submitted for the wall of shame. 

Click here for more information about the children's food campaign including other campaigns such as school food and marketing