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FoodCycle are a national charity that currently runs over 20 community projects across the UK – all working to reduce food poverty and social isolation by serving tasty, nutritious meals to vulnerable people. FoodCycle has a simple belief that food waste and food poverty should not coexist.

They combine surplus food, volunteers and spare kitchen spaces to create nutritious three-course meals for people at risk of food poverty.

They run 19 hubs around the country, these are local projects where volunteers are trained up, supported and empowered to collect surplus food and cook it in spare kitchen spaces. This provides healthy, communal meals to vulnerable people in a warm and welcoming environment. They work with groups including: older people, mental health service users, people affected by homelessness, low-income families, asylum seekers and refugees, and people who are long-term unemployed.

They also run a café in East London called the ‘Pie in the Sky Community Café’. From here they serve up tasty and affordable food (made from surplus of course), promote healthy eating in the community and support volunteers to develop the skills and confidence needed to gain employment. Their volunteers include young people not in employment, education or training, young ex-offenders, and people who are long-term unemployed.

One of FoodCycles ultimate goals is to bring about a fundamental change in attitude and activity from the public, retailers and government.

You can find out more about FoodCycle on their website here