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Sainsbury's Ditches Multi-Buy Deals to Combat Food Waste

Date: 16 Feb 2016

Sainsbury’s becomes the first retailer to announce a huge promotional change – to scrap multi-buy promotions across all food retail outlets to help in the reduction of food waste!

The supermarket giant will phase-out multi-buy and buy-one-get-one-free deals in August 2016 and will instead lower the regular prices of items.

Through customer research they have found shoppers find multi-buy promotions create logistical challenges in the form of storage and food waste.

The recent YouGov report commissioned by Sainsbury’s found that in families of four 81% of families questioned believed they threw away less than £30 of food per month, BUT…the actual figure is nearly double that, at £58 per month.

Sainsbury’s hope that the removal of multi-buy deals and the implementation of other innovative projects currently in the pipeline will have a huge impact on the severity of the amount of food in British households that currently goes to waste.

For the full story on please click here or to read more the story on the Sainsbury’s website click here

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